Superclamp News: Prototypes, Discoveries, and Questions

I am stoked to share some exciting updates and insights regarding our Superclamp. I also have a few important questions for you. But first the updates:

  1. Prototype Success: Our third prototype is here, and it's looking fantastic. It assembles flawlessly, meeting our critical tolerance specifications, resulting in a seamless and solid triple clamp.  I have not tested it yet.  That will happen a little more than two weeks from today.
  2. Important Discovery: Recently I discovered a key difference between the Power Parts top clamp and the OEM top clamp – the Power Parts version is 4mm higher. This difference means the Power Parts clamp restricts your setup options, as you can only lower the front farther, you can’t raise it at all.  This also means if you made the same mistake that I have six times in a row, by installing the forks with the same two lines showing above the top clamp as the bike comes stock, you just lowered your front end 4mm.  FYI, 5mm of fork height on an SDR = 1mm of trail.  So, thankfully I discovered this before it was too late.  I met with David LaBree and we redesigned the Superclamp’s top clamp height – to match the OEM height exactly.  Take a close look at the pics and you will notice this difference in the latest prototype.
  3. Offset Inserts: Another re-think in design is the placement of the insert oval, which affects adjustment options.  This final prototype, which I believe is the best version, puts the OEM offset in the center of the oval.  From here we can go +1, 2, 3, 4mm, and -1, 2, 3, 4mm – which gives us 5 different offset inserts, and a total of 9 different offset options.  For example if you want to add 1mm of trail, you would use the +1/-1 inserts, with the +1 facing forward.  If you wanted to reduce 1mm of trail, you would use the same inserts, but turn them around so the -1 is facing forward.  Same for all the other inserts and offsets, all of which affect trail respective to their name.   For example “+1” actually adds exactly 1mm of trail to our OEM setup.
  4. Steering Stem Design:  Yes you get a new steering stem with the Superclamp.  Why, you might ask?   Because I designed this kit so swapping offset inserts can happen without taking the whole front end apart.  The bearing stop for the lower bearing is ABOVE the lower triple clamp, making it possible to change inserts without removing the triple clamps.  After all if it’s that hard to change inserts, you might never do it.  And why have adjustable offset triple clamps if you’re not going to have some fun with them?

Ok that’s it for the updates, now for some questions (please share your answers using this link):

  • Steering StopsPersonally I hate steering stops.  If you want to ruin your beautiful triple clamps in your fist low speed low-side, use steering stops.  There is one reason I have owned six sets of Power Parts triple clamps over the years – steering stops.  There is a far better way to limit the travel of your steering head: rubber stops, either on your forks or on your frame rails.  I use them now on my race bike and they are brilliant.  I have not damaged my frame or my triple clamps ever since using rubber stops.  With this in mind, naturally we did not design steering stops into the Superclamp.  First because it’s challenging to make one set of steering stops work with nine different offsets.  Second because steering stops are terrible for frames and triple clamps.  ….BUT you might feel differently and I respect that.  In fact I might even find it sexy.   So please let me know how you feel about steering stops.  Is this a deal breaker for you?  Do you not care either way?   Or are you a member of the “hell no” to steering stops movement?
  • Gens 1, 2, 3Research has shown so far that structurally there are no great differences between generations.  However there are differences in headlight mounts, etc.   So, it is important for me to understand what Generation your Superduke is, so I can figure the best route to satisfying as many Superduke owners as I can.
  • Color:  This one is easy.  Please let me know what color you prefer.  Orange, black, or green with polkadots.  Actually green with polkadots would be rough, but if you do want an alternative to black or orange, now is the time to speak your heart and mind.

Please share your answers using this link.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your continued interest in Superclamp!

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