Adjustable, easy-to-install steering stops

Compatible with all generations of KTM 1290 and 1390 Superduke R, RR, EVO motorcycles

  • Protect Yourself

    Superstops help protect your triple clamps, your gas tank, and the electronic bar controls that can be damaged by contacting your tank when OEM steering stops break - which they often do during crashes.

  • Limit "Tank Slapper" damage

    Superstops provide greater protection than standard steering stops, in the event of violent tank slappers. They limit bar movement to your preferred range, and are stronger than OEM steering stops that can-and-do break.

  • Easy to Install and Adjustable

    Superstops are simple to install and are adjustable in 5mm increments, ensuring the preferred setting is possible for you and your bike - no matter the triple clamp or offset that you use.

Rubber steering stops make more sense. They protect my bars from crushing the tank in crashes, and during tank slappers. They don't break like OEM stops almost always do.

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