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+10mm SDR Sport Link, KTM 1290 Super Duke R,RR, EVO 2020/21/22/23 (Gen3)

+10mm SDR Sport Link, KTM 1290 Super Duke R,RR, EVO 2020/21/22/23 (Gen3)

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This link (now available in both orange and black anodized finish) adds ten millimeters of rear ride height to your Gen-3 1290 Super Duke R.  In addition to adding rear ride height this link also creates the following changes:

  • Increases swingarm angle from -11.57 to -12.13.   
  • Decreases progressive nature of spring from 11.8% to 10.2%.
  • Increases free hang anti-squat from 108% to 110.3%
  • Decreases Trail from 107.7mm to 105.5mm

The result of these changes to all of these numbers results in improved feel through turns.  More confidence.   The bike will hold a line better, drive out of turns better without going wide.   More anti-squat, created by better swingarm angle, will help drive the tire into the pavement more on acceleration giving you increased traction.  The decrease in progression will create a more consistent feel by cutting down on the drastic difference in the stock bike's reaction to suspension travel - when comparing initial travel to extreme travel.

For reference we run our SDR in full race setup with almost 30mm more rear ride height than stock.   Also in some configurations of sprocket combinations you can lose up to 9mm of ride height just by changing gearing - because of the eccentric position necessary to adjust proper chain tension.  So in cases like these, by adding this 10mm link you would actually still be 1mm LOWER than stock.  This is why we also make +15 and +20mm links (see below).

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