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SPORT LINK +20 - Suspension links (pair) adding 20mm ride height for KTM 1290 Super Duke R,RR, EVO Gen3

SPORT LINK +20 - Suspension links (pair) adding 20mm ride height for KTM 1290 Super Duke R,RR, EVO Gen3

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This link (now available in both orange and black anodized finish) adds twenty millimeters of rear ride height to your Gen-3 1290 Super Duke R. In addition to adding rear ride height this link also creates the following changes:

  • Increases swingarm angle from -11.57 to -12.73.   
  • Decreases progressive nature of spring from 11.8% to 8.5%.
  • Increases free hang anti-squat from 108% to 112.7%
  • Decreases Trail from 107.7mm to 103.2mm

These changes create improved feel through turns.  More confidence.   The bike will hold a line better, drive out of turns better without going wide.   More anti-squat, created by better swingarm angle, will help drive the tire into the pavement more on acceleration giving you increased traction.  The decrease in progression will create a more consistent feel by cutting down on the drastic difference in the stock bike's reaction to suspension travel - when comparing initial travel to extreme travel.

For reference we run our SDR in full race setup with almost 30mm more rear ride height than stock.   Also in some configurations of sprocket combinations you can lose up to 9mm of ride height just by changing gearing.  So in cases like these, by adding this 20mm link you would only be raising your rear right height 11mm higher than stock.

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Customer Reviews

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Mohamed Nizar
Eric the Magic men !

Hi Eric, I just wanted to say thank you for creating the sport link. Install it yesterday and rode the bike! What you say is true !

Here my story- saw the beast at ktm dealer - ( Singapore )too bad no test ride ! nonsense law or whatever! So decided to get one after so much review about this bike. ( most of the reviews I saw it on YouTube ) a bit funny to my opinion with original set up the review on you tube was big wow the bike feels so good ! Naaah I think they are fake with the reviews or just something ! Anyway -

After sometime riding the bike, I had a hard time getting to understand the bike for almost two month!! I’m from Singapore btw and Many of the seasons rider here say it was the suspension set up ! So I Thought to myself maybe it’s was a suspension set up issue. Long short story, I try fiddling around with the front and rear suspension
From damping- rebound -reload sets many many times . It just not doing the feeling I want sometimes is worse ! ( I’m not a racer I’m just a normal street rider )

I saw you on you tube -got the sport link from you -after installing the sport link , straight away test rode it few times and until now all I want to say my bike handle way way way better and feel agile too ( you’re a magic man Eric ) few CM makes a lot of difference to the bike and it works ! Again Eric I salute you and your dedication and effort to get the bike better for other user.

Thank you Magic Man



This is without a doubt the single greatest thing anyone can do to their super duke. Huge improvement! Sharper handling, greater stability, and the ability to accelerate much earlier and harder through the corners. It now actually drives forward instead of up when coming out hard on the throttle. I couldn’t be happier!! Thank you Eric!!


Fantastic Quality produced by Eric GO Go a racer at the top of his game with back up from detailed and interesting science and facts to help all Ktm and bike riders alone.

Scottie Travers
20mm sport link

This little triangle thing has made so much difference to my riding and the bikes handling its definitely a confidence booster it's the best change I have ever done on any bike I've ever owned. I am currently touring Europe on my sdr 2nd September to 15th 2023 riding through France Germany Austria Slovenia Croatia Switzerland and Italy. I tour every year with a group of friends this year and last on a Gen 3 previously on a Gen 2 my mates would blow me away on the tight twisty mountain roads cause my bike would run wide exiting corners. So after reading about the 20mm link I thought I would try it and WOW is the only word to describe it complete game changer. I am now sat waiting for my mates at the end of mountain passes. The bike holds such a tight line no more drifting wide and allowing me to ride the corners a lot faster smoother and safer. I highly recommend you try this you will not be disappointed