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SUPERLINK - Suspension linkage set for race shocks on KTM 1290 Superduke R, RR, EVO Gen 3

SUPERLINK - Suspension linkage set for race shocks on KTM 1290 Superduke R, RR, EVO Gen 3

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It's party time - the new Superlinks have arrived!! 

The new Superlink has the same race-bred characteristics of the original Superlink, but now it works with OEM exhausts too.

This Superlink kit can help you transform your Gen-3 1290 Super Duke R from a slow turning, sloppy exiting handful of a motorcycle, to the nimble Beast that we all long for it to be.

This kit is designed to work with adjustable length race shocks like the WP Apex Pro, the MUPO Evo, the Maxton GP10, or the Ohlins TTX.   The link dimensions are unique and specific to this kit.   The OEM links (+10 and +20) are completely different and only for use with OEM shocks.

This link does several things that are not possible using the stock OEM link.  To begin with it allows the full range of adjustment available with the race shocks mentioned above.  This gives you, the rider, a wide range of adjustability to how your Super Duke R performs at speed.   By adjusting shock length on the SDR you can:

  • Increase or decrease swingarm angle from -11 degrees to -13 degrees
  • Increase free hang anti-squat from 108% to 112.7%
  • Increase or decrease trail from 106mm to 99mm

In addition to opening up all of these possibilities, this Race Link Kit also reduces the progressive nature of the stock OEM link - from 11.8% to just 3.5%.   This will give you a more consistent and predictable feel throughout the full range of your rear suspension.

Due to the design of the SDR eccentric swingarm axle housing, every time you adjust your chain you also adjust your chassis.  And every time you change sprockets, you have to adjust your eccentric - sometimes drastically.   In some gearing configurations you can lose up to 9mm of rear ride height, just because of the eccentric position necessary to adjust proper chain tension.   This is the beauty of having this new link - it gives you the ability to manipulate your chassis, or even to keep it the same when you change something else like gearing.   

Comes complete with control arm, two race links shown in the pic, OEM bearings, shims, and dust seals installed.    Re-use the inner shafts and end caps which are easily swapped.   Titanium bolts are not included.

Feel free to contact us for any questions or advice via this site's contact form.

*Setup TIPS:  Unless you weigh 130lbs your SDR will work better with a stiffer rear spring.  Your Gen-3 1290 Super Duke R came with an 85nm spring.   To put things into perspective, our race prepped SDR has a 105nm spring.  That's a LOT stiffer.   As far as rear ride height, we run our bike 25 to 30mm higher than stock.


*Apparently Austin Racing's RS22 exhaust, which in some cases can rub on the OEM control arm, can also rub on the Superlink control arm.   So at this point, until AR updates their RS22 design, it will not fit with the Superlink.

*Due to this link's specialized design being less progressive than stock, which is excellent for track and sporting use, we recommend that you add preload to your rear spring before you ride two-up.

Customer Reviews

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Wooohooo - proper cornering!

Can't say enough about GoGo's superlink.. this thing allowed me to raise the bike fairly significantly with the WP Apex Pro shock..First track weekend was with a 12mm ride height rise and the difference from the OEM height (and shock) was massive.

I had such a hard time finishing corners with the OEM setup.. the bike just wanted to push wide, but even with a relatively small change of 12mm things are feeling WAY better.

Looking forward to raising the ride height more next time out.

If you don't have / want / need an aftermarket shock, I'd say buy the linkage plates and be amazed!


Finally, Superduke upgrades that are actually track developers and tested! With the superlink installed in my SDR, the bike absorbs bumps better and, more importantly, feels much more planted at corner exit. Steers better as well. You can tell
a lot of development went into the product because it does exactly what Gogo claims. 100%

Anton Griessner
Superlink transformed my Super Duke

After spending over 10 (track) years on BMW S1RR’s I switched to a GEN3 Super Duke in early 2021. The first time on track on the Duke was a blast! But when I looked at my laptimes I realized that I was about 10 seconds slower on the Super Duke than I have been on the S1RR. I was shocked and tried to figure out what was going on. I knew that on a long straight the Super Duke was highly disadvantaged against the liter bikes but why was I so slow coming out of turns…? Month’s later, and after not much improvement, I was about ready to sell the Super Duke. At that time I stumbled across the Superlink and the rich inventory of YouTube videos that Superlink developer and racer Eric “GoGo” Gulbransen posted. It was eye opening to say the least. No matter what you do to a Super Duke it won’t excel if you don’t start with it’s basic geometry. The way the bike comes from the factory it virtually sits on it’s rear tire. What this does is it destroys every corner exit. As soon as you go on the gas the front unloads and the bike starts to drift wide. This forces you to stay off the gas much longer and not only destroys laptimes but is also makes the bike fairly hard to steer precisely at all.
Raising the rear ride height (increasing anti-squat) and reducing linkage progression are the two key benefits of the Superlink. It has transformed my bike and eventually allowed me to be back at previous (S1RR) laptimes.
Brea, CA