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The new SuperClamp
For the higher-performance Superduke rider in you

Made from 7075 T6 aluminum, the adjustable offset Superclamp kit for the 1290 Superduke is not only stiffer than both the OEM and Power Parts tripleclamps, giving you better feel and control, but it offers you something never before available on 1290 Superdukes...

The Superclamp adds the very special ability to increase or decrease your offset, which affects trail - the single most impactful element of your motorcycle's "feel". You can now have the ability to alter your Superduke's flick-ability, increase your confidence up front, affect your turning radius, your roll speed, and achieve a more "neutral" feel in your steering as you lean through turns - all without affecting any other aspect of your motorcycle's setup.  

Up until now the only way to effect trail on any generation 1290 Superduke was to alter ride height - front or rear.  And that's been ok, because by using a Sport Link or a height adjustable shock and a Superlink to gain rear ride height, you also create more swingarm angle.  And Gen3 Superdukes love more swingarm angle - it helps drives and creates more anti-squat.   But how high can you go?   How long are your legs?  Maybe you want even less trail than your Sport Link creates, but you like your ride height where it is.  Maybe you are tracking your SDR and you've maxed out your Superlink and height adjustable shock - which still only gets you to 102.5mm trail...

Enter, your Superduke's new best friend.  The Superclamp!

Now it is possible for you to achieve an impressive range of trail settings by using the Superclamp alone.   Your Superduke setup can remain exactly where it was when it came off the showroom floor - same rear ride height, same gearing, same eccentric position and fork heights - and you can have up to 3mm more trail, or 7mm less trail than stock.   That's 111mm to 101mm of trail, in 1mm increments, all now possible with the Superclamp alone.

The Superclamp comes in KTM orange anodized, or black anodized.   Other colors are possible - email to discuss.

What comes in the box?

  • Upper triple clamp
  • Lower triple clamp
  • Specially designed steering stem that allows upper and lower insert removal without dismantling the entire front end of the motorcycle.
  • Inserts providing 5 different positions relative to stock (in mm): -2, 0 (stock), +1, +2, or +4 (keep in mind: a positive offset reduces trail, while a negative offset increases trail)
  • Steering damper mount
  • Adjustable Steering Stops
  • Timken Tapered Roller bearings w/ new upper and lower grease seals
  • All necessary triple clamp bolts in 316 stainless steel (OEM bolts still used for brake lines and headlight mounts)

By optimizing the design, we're also able to offer an offset expansion pack with additional positions (again relative to stock, in mm): -3, -1, +3, +5, +6, and +7 (again keep in mind: a positive offset reduces trail, while a negative offset increases trail).

The Superclamp retains all threaded mounting holes for OEM headlight, brake line mounts, steering damper mount, etc. A third handlebar mount has been added for maximum flexibility in bar position relative to steering stem.  For example even while using the most aggressive offset insert available (+7) you can still achieve the same bar to steering stem relationship that you had with your OEM triple clamp.  The Superclamp is appropriate for street applications, track day applications, and of course for racing.

As with all adjustable offset triple clamp kits, due to the wide range of adjustability which puts the rear of the top triple clamp in 11 different locations - only one of which is OEM - we lose the "key-lock" feature.



Special thanks to David LaBree for all of his help creating the design and technical drawings for the Superclamp. David is one solid dude and a great member of our motorcycling, track day and racing community. David also sells a clutch slave solution for LC8 motors that works brilliantly. No more having to bleed your clutch master repeatedly to keep it working properly. It just works - like clutch slaves are meant to: KTM LC8 Clutch Slave